Quick Ways to AC Maintenance


Maintenance of air conditioner (AC) is not that tough as you have been thinking. It requires similar attention like any other home appliances. Once in a week routine inspection is more than enough to keep your AC functioning well for long period. And, this wise act will add life to your AC pushing your possible future AC related problem further.

Regular maintenance of AC unit is directly associated with cost saving. AC unit in right condition is energy efficient which means your electricity bill reads small amount.

Few tips regarding AC maintenance are listed here below:

Check thermostat at first

Always check the thermostat at first; if you sense anything wrong with your AC. Make sure it (thermostat) is working properly. Comparatively, it (thermostat) is easy to check and adjust as per your need. It is suggested to have programmable thermostat over manual. A perfectly functioning and programmed thermostat will save the energy and money.

Examine condenser unit fan

Condenser fan is responsible for cutting off power supply to air conditioner. Check the blades of the fan properly and replace it if you see any crack in either of the blades. Regularly grease and oil the bearings of fan motor. This will help in smooth functioning of the condenser fan ensuring longevity.

Cleaning or replacing air filter

Cleaning or replacing air filter is normal phenomena while maintaining your AC unit. Depending upon its (AC) use cleaning or replacing of air filter is done. We suggest you to carry out this act at least once in a month during peak season—summer and winter—and just once in fall and spring.

After sometime of operation air filter accumulates dirt. This will disturb the normal air flow of AC—decreasing the volume of air flow. It affects the entire functioning of the AC unit making it harder to give smooth performance. The dirt in air filter is responsible for the flow of dirty air through the unit which ultimately affects the health of the residents of the house especially; respiration related problems are reported in this case.

Before cleaning or replacing the air filter you should know where it is installed in the AC.

Thoroughly inspect AC components

Thorough inspection of AC will acknowledge the current status of the AC unit. Do not forget to cut off the power supply before its inspection. Remove the access panel of the unit and give careful look. Take account of anything unusual like melted or burned wires or anything related to overheating. Make sure of electrical connections.

If you find anything unusual then do not use your cooling machine again. Better you call expert and get the things done perfectly. After all, nothing matters more than your safety! And, this blog is about the maintenance of AC not repairing the AC.

Take care of outside unit

Normally, AC owners ignore the outside unit of the AC. Due to this it is blanketed by dirt and dust and sometime even creepers encircle it. This will surely decrease the normal air flow of the AC. The entire functioning of the AC is determined by the outside unit too. So, wipe it time by time and, if necessary wash it gently. Outside unit consists of fins on the coil so, be careful while cleaning it (outside unit).

AC maintenance is quite easy job. You can carry out aforementioned tasks yourself except replacing the AC components. In case of complexity, you can call expert and get the job done. Following above mentioned tips will add life to your appliance and save your money too.