Tips to Stay Safe in Winter


Winter has started and with the shorter days comes temperature plunging down to a chilling cold. You stay unprepared and you may freeze to death. With Snowy climate, dry air and heavy clothes, winter is shaping up pretty rough. Outside is freezing cold and you can do nothing much about it, but your home is where you can do a lot of winterizing tasks to stay safe in this black season once again. Nevertheless, home is where your squad will be spending most of the time in this cold. Not just you and your family, your home and you car needs to get winterized too. Prepare yourself and get ready to face the wintertime, December has already begun unexpectedly.

Stay Warm and Stay Healthy

It’s all about keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Have you done the seasonal conversion in your wardrobe? These simple yet essential things; even though well known by everybody deserve a mentioning here. Wear clothes, a lot of clothes – thick and heavy ones. Stay in your bed or in front of fire place whenever you can. Whatever the alternatives you have to stay warm and safe, use it to beat the chilling cold.

Stay healthy. Take care of yourself in winter with sound sleep, thick clothes, a lot of warm foods and use moisturizer to not to let your eyes and skin get dry. Prevent yourself from getting any Seasonal Effective Disorder and be mentally prepared for winter.

Winterize Your Home

Have you checked your entire heating system? Is everything working well? Don’t you delay fixing everything up if you have got any problem with heating system in your home. You don’t want yourselves spending a night or a day freezing before a technician comes and fixes your heating system that has suddenly stopped working. Inspect fireplaces and chimneys, have an alternate heating source as a backup, know about CO poisoning and install a CO-detector too.

Have you cleaned out the gutters? Check out the gutters and clean them out. Also, fix up roof leakage if any. Remove tree branches that may fall and hit your house. Insulate walls and attics, doors and windows; do the things that keep the heat inside your home. Don’t let heat escape through cracks and roof; for the reason that heat costs money in winter.

Protect your pipes with a foam layer as they get frozen and burst in winter. And always have a go-to guy in contact for fixing up any damage that winter may cause in your home. Buy winter essentials, heat things up, seal the leakages and you are officially ready for winter.

Winterize Your Cars

Prepare your car to face the severe weather. Check the battery, defrosting and heating units, tire pressure and oil viscosity as well. Polymer wax can be a shield to your car paint in winter. Fuel the tank full and also keep essential tools and machinery in car that you may require anytime and anywhere in winter. Put in right amount of antifreeze to protect your engine and lower the viscosity of oil to keep the engine’s performance good in winter. Snow tires help you with better control and braking.

Minimize your travel as much as you can and even if you have to, schedule the ride at a daytime. Let somebody know where you are going and always have a contact with a go-to-guy if any damage or defect occurs in your car. Always carry a shovel and a bag of salt that you may need occasionally while traveling in winter. A simple but crucial advice; drive slowly and safely in the snow!

Don’t just stay inactive inside your home in this cold season. Put on thick clothes. Gloves and scarf as well, and step out of your cozy and warm home. You have plenty of winter sports to try; skiing, exercising in chilling cold, ice skating and many more. You don’t always have to feel blue during winter. No winter lasts forever; enjoy the season as long as it is here. It takes a lot of time to knock you again. So winterize yourselves, your home and live the season incredibly. Stay safe and stay healthy!